Jack Lighthouse
Jack Lighthouse
Jack Lighthouse

Chili - Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at age 72. Predeceased by his brother, David. Survived by his wife of 44 years, Carol; children, John V (Emily) and Julie (Paul) Ingrassia; grandchildren, John "L.J." Lilly and Claira; several nieces, nephews; and dear friends.

Friends may call at the Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home, Saturday 1-3 PM. Graveside Prayer immediately following at 3 PM at Grove Place Cemetery. In lieu of flowers memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.
Richard and Sherry Goldstein
Friday - Nov 15, 2019 12:00 am
To the entire Lighthouse family and especially Julie, We were saddened to hear of your father's death. We know he was a great dad and grandad and will be truly missed by all. We want to express our condolences to the entire family. He fought the good fight. May he rest in peace. Sherry and Rick Goldstein
Sunday - Nov 17, 2019 12:00 am
God bless
Heather Kiessel
Sunday - Nov 17, 2019 12:00 am
Still can't believe my childhood neighbor Jack died. He and my dad taught me to fish and so many other things. He use to let me borrow a ladder to get in my house when I forgot my key. I remember how excited I was when they let us see their dog Sandy's puppies. We couldn't afford vacations when I was little. They always invited us to their cottage Father's day weekend for opening bass season. It became tradition to stop in Watertown for dinner on the way there. We got there around 10-11 pm. Jack turned on the flood light so I could see the lake but really to turn on the water. All i could see was the immediate water and an old rock dock which i couldn'tsee the water beyond it. I thought to myself the Lake wasn't very big. I only had the experience of Stonybrook. So i didn't realize the water went way beyond the view that night. Mrs. Lighthouse had my brother and I sleep in the porch area. Unfortunately for the adults I had a nightmare about lots of fish coming in the porch to get me. The porch is nothing but windows giving a good view of the outdoors. After waking I jumped up to look outside to see the lake. I couldn't believe how big it was unlike my first impression of it the night before. I always thought my Dad and Mr. Lighthouse were crazy for getting up at 4am to go fishing. The first time I went into the storage building I couldn't believe all of the fishing poles. It was probably a super big shed but because I was so little it seemed like the size of a barn. We had to go there to get our life preservers before going for a boat ride. It had a specific smell. I can't remember the smell anymore. That was my favorite part. I couldn't wait to go for a ride I had always hoped that someday I could drive a boat. I remember him telling me that when I was a certain age I could take a boater safety class which I never did. When they returned from their morning fishing trip we would have a big breakfast that Carol and my mom made. My brother and helped set the table every meal. I also remember helping with the toast at future visits. Now as an adult when I make a big breakfast for my family I remember breakfast at the cottage and think of Carol. Jack showed me how to catch minnows and that became a job i loved to do every time we visited. I would lay down across the dock so my legs would dangle and I could reach down and touch the water. The water was clear and you could see the minnows swimming around in circles. It was fun to watch them swarm the pieces of bread when I sprinkled them in the water. The next job Jack had my brother and I do while they went on the next fishing excursion was to collect all the drift wood from the beach for the night campfire. If they were close enough you could hear the conversation easily as it traveled easily over the water. This is where I learned about wind and what white caps were. Sunday morning after breakfast my brother and I would give my dad his Father's day gift. Then later after Johnny and Julie were born we would all give our Fathers their gifts together. Then we would pack up and go home. Every New Year's my parents and Jack and Carol would go out come home real late. The next morning I would hear stories of them dancing and having such a wonderful time. My mom told me of Jack dancing. We would get all their party favors to play with the next morning. After Johnny was born my brother and I would go to their house to share a baby sitter until we were old enough and then I became the babysitter. The Lighthouse family became an important part of our family. When I started going out with friends in my late teens I saw less and less of them. When my parents moved then we really lost touch. In the hustle and bustle of life it is easy to loose touch with special friends and family. I do regret not getting my parents and Jack and Carol together. I had mentioned it but never followed through. I hope you have fun fishing and swimming to fox Island with your brother David. You are going to be missed by many especially your family.
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